Business Advisory

Kenya Climate Innovation Center provides technical expertise and mentorship in different spheres of business management, technical skills and competencies in order to turn appropriate technologies into feasible enterprises. We also facilitate market development for clean-tech entrepreneurs by identifying and developing new market segments for current products.

Enabling Environment

We leverage our direct experience of private sector innovators to inform relevant government regulations, policies and strategies to encourage the adoption of profitable local innovation. Our key areas of support under this include:

  • Policy advice and advocacy
  • Research

Access to Finance

KCIC facilitates flexible access to finance that is needed by clean technology enterprises including:

  • Proof of Concept (POC) and Matching Grants
  • Seed Capital Investments
  • Early Stage Financing (ESF)
  • Syndicate Financing
  • Resource Mobilization leads for clients
  • Financing through Kenya Climate Ventures

Access to Facilities

Housed at Strathmore Business School, KCIC provides working space for startup companies and facilities networking and business meetings. Through our partners and at KCIC negotiated rates, we provide access to technical facilities including:

  • Tools for idea testing and demonstration
  • Amenities for initial production and manufacturing

Access to Information

KCIC provides information on market intelligence and opportunities in clean technologies. This includes technical information and sector trends in the market to enhance awareness and adoption of green growth solutions while increasing understanding on the same. We facilitate our clients to attend exhibitions and conferences for learning and product positioning.

This information is aimed at engaging and motivating the private sector organizations and individuals to take action on climate change. We share this information through our different platforms including periodical newsletters and magazines to our clients, website and social media.