Edward Mwangi
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Chief Executive Officer
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Edward is the Chief Executive Officer at Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC). He leads the team across focus areas and crafts unconventional strategies to drive innovation and entrepreneurship forward. The KCIC supports a holistic country driven approach to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate technologies to the private sector. Mr. Mungai has a multifaceted background in business advisory, entrepreneurship, and investment management, based on his experience working with the Danish International Investment Funds (IFU) as an Investment Manager in Copenhagen as well as in Africa where he was the head of the regional office for IFU. Prior to joining IFU he was a manager at KPMG East Africa and responsible of Corporate finance and transactions services. He has thorough experience in development financing mechanisms for SMEs, with special interests in the agribusiness, renewable energy, and water and sanitation sectors. Mr Mungai holds an Executive MBA from the Scandinavian International Management Institute/Copenhagen Business School and a Business Management degree from Moi University, Kenya. He has huge interest in corporate sustainability and has been involved in high level discussion of the topic in the Africa region.