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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

Rutuba Bio-Agric & Organic Fertilizers Ltd

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  • August 27, 2020
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Brief Profile:

Rutuba Bio-Agric & Organic Fertilizers Ltd manufactures organic fertilizer that is 100% organic. Through a patented technology, the organic fertilizer is fortified with eight macro and over sixteen micro nutrients beneficial to the plant. It offers the best option for farmers who choose not to use chemical fertilizers. The company has a comprehensive plan where it plans to empower farmers to open and own factories that manufacture the Rutuba Organic fertilizer. Backed by a social justice agenda, the company has a passion to empower farmers to benefit from their labor and efforts. Rutuba Bio Agric and Organic Fertilizer Ltd is therefore a social enterprise par excellence. Their mission is to transform farming experience, restore the soil fertility and ensure that that the farmer is the focus of farm inputs development.