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Hydroponics Africa Limited

Hydroponics Africa Limited has been in existence since 2013 as the pioneer initiator and leader of hydroponic farming systems in East Africa. The company enables farmers to achieve predictable and highly nutritious yields for vegetables and produce their own animal feed at limited cost. With hydroponics the farmer is unaffected by seasons and adverse weather conditions. In 2016, the company installed over 1000 units countrywide. Hydroponics entails growing crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil.

The company has benefited from a proof of concept grant which was used to decentralize the operations from Kikuyu to Mai Mahiu and Meru regions. The Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV), an independent subsidiary of KCIC is seeking to accelerate the development of the clean-tech industry as a whole by providing much needed tailored and targeted financial and managerial assistance support to innovative early stage businesses will also be investing in them for expansion.

KCIC has assisted the company in developing a marketing strategy and providing branding materials. The client is also receiving assistance in mapping out possible financiers and construction of their website

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