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Meet the Boot Camp trainer : Founder ClimateLaunchpad

Frans Nauta Founder ClimateLaunchpad Frans is a European working in Silicon Valley and a ‘Valleyean’ working in Europe on innovation & entrepreneurship, with a focus on climate change and innovation ecosystems. Kick starting new stuff is what he does best, especially on the cross roads of startups, innovation and innovation ecosystems. Some of the things


On the 6th of July 2017 Christian Aid and other like-minded partners including Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) held a national renewable energy summit which was the climax of the Big Shift Campaign that ran from January 2017. The objective of the Big Shift Campaign was to advocate for the adoption of renewable energy through

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Medium-term Plan Defines Kenya’s Development The MTP II has enjoyed Considerable success with reports showing that by December 2016 the GDP growth stood at 6.2%, the development of infrastructure has also taken a considerable leap especially with the LAPSSET project and the completion of the first phase of the SGR. The Kenya Vision 2030 which

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An oil refinery in Marcus Hook, Pa. The United States is the biggest carbon polluter in history. Withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement: What’s next for Africa One of the prominent differences between the US president and his Democratic counterpart during the elections campaign was on issues of Climate Change. While Hillary believed

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Make Clean Energy available to the rural poor The introduction of renewable energy solutions in the rural areas especially for cooking needs to be a priority in the country. The demand for biomass fuel in the rural areas is very high and is a main contributor to deforestation and environmental pollution.  In Kenya and Africa

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Funding of innovations: What is the solution? Lack of funding for innovations has been one of the major reasons innovations have not scaled up into big enterprises. Innovations have not attracted funding from investors or financial institutions as they have shied away from early stage company investment and lending. A law, the Movable Property Security

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Agribusiness crucial to continents push for industrialized economy. While developing and expanding the industrialized economy one aspect that cannot be ignored is the transformation of the agriculture sector. Agriculture contributes 30% of Africa’s GDP and provides employment to about 65% of its population. The sector has however not been preforming according to the expected standards

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To Drive Growth lets Tap Green Energy Despite the little contribution to greenhouse gas emission from developing countries and especially in Africa, Kenya and Africa in general continue to be adversely affected by climate change.  Drought does not only mean shortage of food in the country but this also has an effect on electricity as

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Homes Owners face jail for not installing solar power/ Business daily 21st April 2017 The energy (solar heating regulation) regulation of 2012 under section 3 provide that “All premises within the jurisdiction of a local authority with hot water requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day shall install and use solar heating

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Climate Change at a Glance April 3rd to 7th Drought Dampens hopes of a prosperous Turkana…. Business daily/APRIL 6 Even though oil and aquifers were discovered in Turkana five years ago. Drought has occurred again shattering the dreams of Turkana. The residents of Turkana have lost their animals to the drought and all they can