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Author: Alise Brillault

How to transition Kenya to a clean-cooking country

According to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, 16,600 people in Kenya alone die every year as a result of exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves and open fires. Rather than safer electric or gas stoves, 80% of the Kenyan population (especially in rural areas) relies primarily on burning wood and charcoal over open fires

Season 2 of the Climate Launch Pad: Kenyan edition

The second season of the Climate Launch Pad (CLP) is here! For the second year Kenya will be hosting the CLP competition which is the world’s biggest green idea competition. A Kenyan company, Alkagel, won at last years’ grand finale in Cyprus and we are are excited to host for the second time the Climate

The Role of Innovations in Fighting Climate Change

Innovations are and will continue to be essential in the fight against climate change. Not only are they necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation), but they are also needed to deal with the negative effects of climate change and/or exploit any positive ones (adaptation). As the future of global development is threatened by climate

Tracking the progress in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Kenya

Kenya has an exciting opportunity to be a leader in harvesting sustainable and efficient energy. First of all, the country is naturally endowed with plentiful sunshine that can be converted into solar energy; this has been shown to be particularly beneficial for rural households and, increasingly, flower and vegetable farms according to Africa-EU Renewable Energy