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Focusing on Innovative ways to Save the Environment

  • By Tobias Meso
  • April 6, 2022
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Pesticides are poisonous substances released into the environment on purpose. Even though each pesticide is designed to kill a specific insect, fungicide, mold or bacteria, many pesticides end up somewhere other than their intended target. When pesticides flow from fields, escape storage tanks, are not properly removed, and are sprayed aerially, they can readily contaminate the air, land and water.

Pesticides can make their way into a water source, such as a river, ocean, or pond, even when sprayed on land. Pesticides from an orchid, for example, may wind up in a neighboring stream due to runoff. Many fish and other creatures may die or become sick if the water body becomes poisoned with the pollutants. This has the potential to upset the ecosystem as a whole.

Even though pesticides threaten the environment, farmers still need them to grow safe, healthy food because they are necessary for adequate food production. Farmers would lose a significant amount of their food harvests if they did not use pesticides, resulting in food waste and higher food costs as a result of the reduced availability of produce to the markets. 

The chemical burden on natural ecosystems has increased as the agricultural sector has become more industrialized. Pesticides are being used to protect plants and humans from numerous diseases. On the other hand, their side effects can be a significant environmental health risk factor due to their proven capacity to induce adverse health and environmental repercussions.

The pressing need for a more sustainable and ecological approach has spawned a slew of novel concepts, including farm reforms and food production practices that lead to food security. It is more apparent than ever that society needs the deployment of a new agricultural model for food production that is both man and environment-friendly. Innovations, therefore, need to develop ways to deal with the adverse effects of synthetic pesticides on the environment.

One such innovation is by Pro-Farm. The enterprise which has been running for an year, is coming up with innovative ways to save the environment from the effects caused by synthetic pesticides. In a candid interview with the company’s CEO and founder Edward Ngingi, there is a ray of hope for the ecosystem and human beings. “ We try to use locally available herbs to extract some ingredients that effectively protect our crops from pests and diseases,” said Edward.

Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) has been walking the impactful journey with Pro-Farm through the Agribiz program and offering  necessary support. The enterprise is providing solutions to protect crops from pests and diseases. According to Edward, this will help farmers improve their yields and ensure what gets to the market is safe for consumption.

Pesticides are known for their capacity to induce harmful health consequences in humans and crops and degrade the natural environment. They are widely produced and used in current agricultural methods. As a result, immediate strategies are required to reduce agrochemical usage and promote sustainable practices. Furthermore, modern agriculture must adopt ecologically friendly procedures that provide less health concerns to the population.