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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

MIS Company Limited

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  • August 27, 2020
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MIS Co Limited is in the development of water management irrigation systems. They have innovated a shower drip mobile irrigation system that addresses water scarcity for agricultural production and high consumption of fossil fuels (petrol/diesel) under pump fed irrigation that increases carbon emissions.

The machine has been configured with adjustment capabilities to accommodate both low and high growing crops and is mounted on wheels for on-farm maneuverability. It can easily be assembled and disassembled for easy transportation.

  • Entrepreneur Name:Samuel Gitau
  • Email: samtau@mail.com
  • Phone number:0721997242
  • Website:N/A
  • Location:Nairobi
  • Thematic Area: Water Management