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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

Marigat Gold Ltd

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  • August 27, 2020
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Brief Profile:

Marigat Gold is a social enterprise that focuses on value addition of Honey produce and has been in business since 2016, providing high quality honey and what differentiates Marigat from competitors is the convenient packaging ranging from a 10g sachet to 1kg glass jar for individuals looking to lead a healthy lifestyle both at home and on the go. Marigat’s customer segment includes retail shops, hotels and e-commerce.

  • Entrepreneur Name: Silvia Tonui
  • Email: silviacherono@gmail.com
  • Phone number: 0723549075
  • Website: https://marigatgold.africa/
  • Location:  Baringo
  • Thematic Area: Agribusiness