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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

Isiolo Tawakal Limited

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  • August 27, 2020
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Brief Profile

Isiolo Tawakal Farmers Marketing Co-Operative Society Ltd is a business registered in Isiolo County and comprises 28 women and 2 men who engage in milk and camel meat (nyir nyir) selling. The group identified a business opportunity because of the rising demand in camel milk and meat due to its nutritional and medicinal values. The group aggregates milk from the interior parts of the county and sells in Eastleigh market in Nairobi and locally in Isiolo. The meat is acquired from a slaughter house in Isiolo, dried and packaged before selling. The price of camel milk per litre is Ksh. 120 and ksh. 1200 for a kilogram of nyir nyir. Isiolo Tawakal Farmers Marketing Co-Operative Society Ltd sells their milk locally and in Nairobi. Their customers include walk-ins, restaurants, and institutions such as army barracks, schools and colleges in Isiolo. They have verbal contractual agreements with buyers in Nairobi Eastleigh who serve as constant customers.

  • Entrepreneur Name:Amina Hassan/Salma Duale
  • Email:tawakaltu2015@yahoo.com
  • Phone number:0720296093/0700748197
  • Website:N/A
  • Location:Isiolo
  • Thematic Area:Agribusiness