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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

CIST East Africa Limited

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  • August 27, 2020
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Brief Profile:

CIST Africa Ltd. is a family owned business started in 2013 to produce bioethanol from water hyacinth and molasses. The ethanol produced is for domestic consumption and one requires a special cook stove, which is currently being imported from China. They have two types of cookstoves: a double burner and a single burner. There are plans to locally manufacture the cook stove so as to lower the acquisition costs for the clients.

They market ethanol cookstoves to low income households for domestic use. The fuel is affordable at 70 KES/L compared to 100KES/L of kerosene. Super Moto is said to have a high calorific value of 4.24 kcal/g compared to the 3.22 kcal/g of wood fuel enabling it to heat faster. When it burns, SuperMoto emits a negligible amount of greenhouse gas.

  • Entrepreneur Name:Richard Arwa
  • Email:cistafrrica@gmail.com
  • Phone number:723624744
  • Website:N/A
  • Location:Siaya
  • Thematic Area:Renewable Energy